Winners of CFCC’s latest Body Composition Change Challenge!

22 Aug

Congratulations to Abbey and Reuben for winning this past summer’s Nutrition Challenge!  They will each receive gift cards for fun CrossFit stuff as rewards for their hard work and incredible progress!  Ask them about what they’ve been up to to learn more about what are Nutrition Challenges are all about – or read below!

Abbey loves Deadlifting.

Abbey began the Nutrition Challenge with her sights set on being as consistent as possible with her goals come Summer BBQ, visits to mom’s house, nights out or what have you. She has eaten more protein than she has ever in her life, been exceptionally good at experimenting with new recipes, and has also discovered that when it comes to fat loss, less food is not always the answer.

I believe she’ll tell you about it herself, but about midway through this one month of eating a little differently she was pretty concerned about whether or not things were making a difference. We decided to check her measurements at this point because we could and because I was pretty convinced that if things weren’t changing by then we’d need to change our plan of attack.  The difference was huge! It was plain to me that just that little push was one thing that gave her renewed resolve to push forward to the end of the challenge without feeling like it as much of a chore as before. The moral of the story? Progress you can measure is incredibly convincing!

I’m so proud of Abbey for sticking to her guns, doing things she was afraid to do, and being dedicated to getting stronger in the process.  She lost inches around her waist AND an inch around her hips AND even swayed the number on the scale while PR-ing her deadlift. Abbey is one of the most beautiful women I know and certainly deserves to win this challenge based on her progress, resolve, and general attitude throughout the month of the challenge.

Reuben went from no handstand to handstand in about a month.

Reuben has been a part of every Nutritional Challenge we have EVER had at CFCC. The funny part about his involvement however, is that he is often one of our guys that is looking, not to be leaner, but in fact, to primarily gain muscle!  Inevitably, at the end of every one of our challenges, I take Reuben’s measurements and tell him, “Weeeelllll, you’ve leaned out a little more…” and he leaves sulking.  The trouble is, it’s only until recently that Reuben began telling me what his specific goals are!

During this past round of the challenge we really attempted to address Reuben’s goals of muscle gain.  We had him eating what some would consider a less-than-strict Paleo diet but we still attempted to keep him healthy (no processed food for this dude) and able to think about something OTHER than food.  For those of you that have never been “hard-gainers” yourselves… you typically have to eat a LOT more than you are used to and most of the time this ends up taking over your every waking moment. I tried to give Reuben some quick fixes and we also toyed with some random days of fasting and feasting to prime his metabolism for growth.

The results?  Reuben is heavier but not TOO much heavier (in his case, a good thing), and a lot thicker around the chest and biceps (and no, he didn’t bench on the side).  In addition to that he’s gained some size around his mid-section but only to the extent that he is now going to be capable of gaining strength. In addition to all of that however, Reuben’s strength levels have sky-rocketed in the past month or so. 

Reuben, for all his dedication in the last three challenges we have done, AND his progress in this past challenge more than deserves to win this round.  Gaining size, when your body just doesn’t seem to want to, is a learning experience that few of us have to face – all that said, it takes hard work, LOTS of preparation, and the same kind of consistency that leaning out does.  Well done, Reuben!  Maybe now you can join the ranks of these folks.

We also had a number of people who made some truly incredible progress within the course of the month.  Here are some of the highlights!

Mayuli, new to CrossFit, lost about 6lbs. and an inch and a half around her waist, and an inch at the hips… all while learning to deadlift a lot better!

Devin, also new to CFCC, lost over 10lbs. and an inch around his waist.  He’s also gained some pretty sweet friendships and we’re all going to miss him so much when he moves on to his new job!

Elie, on a mission to make some big changes and learn a lot more about her habits, lost 3 lbs. but 2 whole inches around her waist, AND a centimeter around her hips.  She also made some incredible bodyweight strength gains, especially pull-up wise!

Daffy (or David, WHATEVER), also new to CFCC, lost almost 2 inches around his waist but only a few pounds – a good thing for preservation of muscle mass.  In addition to this however, Daffy’s before and after pictures show an incredible change in posture and muscle density in his upper back!  Lifting shouldn’t just make you stronger – it should make you stand up straighter!

BK, or Bill to some of you, is also new to CFCC and has hopped on the gluten-free bandwagon to the tune of a 5lb. drop in weight and a measurable preservation of muscle mass (judging from his waist and bicep flexed/unflexed measurement, and also his PICTURES!).  Way to go, Bill!

Nancy, a lady without much fat to lose as it is, lost 3 lbs., a little bit of size around her midsection and actually gained a little mass in her arms.  Nancy’s progress was a lot of fun because of her connections to a diabetic clinic – she realized that a lot of what she was doing was the same stuff that would ultimately benefit her patients!


3 Responses to “Winners of CFCC’s latest Body Composition Change Challenge!”

  1. Anahi August 22, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

    Way to go, guys! Good work!

  2. Jack August 22, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    Reuben, You are a beast! Congrats everyone…


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