Sunday, 8/20/11

20 Aug

There are no regular classes at CFCC tomorrow… but there is an opportunity to increase your CrossFit prowess. Come to YOGA at 1pm!

THE CROSSFIT TOTAL is this coming Sunday, August 28th, from 11am-2pm.  Are you ready?!  Sign up on the Calendar to attend and get the week off to a great start by getting mobile and promising yourself that you’ll hit up enough sessions this week to prime you for your best this Sunday!

If you can’t make it to the total for some reason and still want to complete this benchmark workout, let us know!

This is the face of someone who just WON something they worked ALL summer for. 🙂

You know what’s great?  Setting a goal, doing the work, and actually achieving it!  Emma, with Liz’s help with blending Endurance and CrossFit programming, did just that this summer!  She’s back at CFCC now so you can ask her all about it – in case you don’t here’s what she had to say:

Just wanted to send you an update on my half marathon and a few photos, since I know you love them for the website.  After this race I absolutely have the faith.  I got second place!  I ran a PB of 1:44 on a very hilly trail-based course.  I felt great!  It was awesome!!  I’m officially a convert!  Who knew you could run like that off less than 10 miles a week?!  Amazing stuff!  

CFCC is so proud of all of it’s athletes but it’s especially cool to see our programming help you become better at the things you already love to do.  Great work, Emma!

If you’re interested in CrossFit Endurance – check out the next Specialty Class taught by Liz this Thursday at 630pm – OR read her blog.

Emma's picture perfect POSE form!


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