Monday, 8/15/11

14 Aug

I’m back and so excited to be refreshed for the Fall season of training at CFCC! Thank you so much for being supportive of your coaches and of each other. Every where I go in the world I am always so proud to think of the incredible community of people here in our little building on 13th Street. I’ll see you all tomorrow some Turkish Get Ups!

Self myo-fascial release: Lax Ball to Shoulders, 5 minutes.
Mobility: Wall Assisted 90/90, 1 minute each side.
Dynamic Warmup: Skill Work with the Turkish Get Up.
Strength: Turkish Get Up, peak of 1.
AMRAP in 12 minutes: Turkish Get Up, 1 on each side (1.5/1), 30 ft. Overhead Walking Lunge, left, 30 ft. Overhead Walking Lunge, right.


2 Responses to “Monday, 8/15/11”

  1. KD August 14, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

    Welcome back Erin!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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    […] to the evening, we hiked up the top of the cliff face and did stuff to ruins that you probably shouldn’t do.  Then again, if you were the first person in the world to ever find them – you’d have […]

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