Wednesday, 8/10/11

9 Aug

RUNNING with Liz has been changed to Thursday at 630pm – please plan accordingly!

4-6×400, rest 1:30 in between

This guy knows what his back squat, deadlift, and press numbers are - do you? Get a logbook and definitely write your big numbers up on the board! If you don't know them yet - plan to attend August 28th's CrossFit Total! Sign up on the calendar right now!

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Travel Your Feet, 5 minutes.
MOBILITY: Gastroc/Soleus Stretch, 1 minute per side.
ACTIVATION: Single Leg Jumps, 5 minutes to a peak of 2.
POWER: BROAD JUMP, 6 attempts at a peak of 1.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: (Run in heats) – 3 rounds of 1 minute at each station for MAX REPS: Kipping Pull-ups (3 stations plus rings available if needed), Wallball (20/14), Broad Jump, Rest.

OLYMPIC LIFTING with Jim at 12pm:

Jerk, Front Squat


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