Wednesday, 7/13/11

12 Jul

There is no RUNNING SCHOOL tonight.  But there is a Competitor’s Meeting at 730pm.  If you’re interested in competing in the CrossFit community, please attend!

Jay tells Max he should stand up. Come get neurally recharged so you can do this on Friday.

Mobility: Resetting the Shoulders, 10 minutes.

Dynamic Warm-up: learn the movements!

Neural Recharge “Fight Gone Bad”:

3 Rounds for 1 minute MAX POWER of EACH REP at each station:

VERTICAL JUMP (jump to a touch)

BROAD JUMP (jump as far as you possibly can each time)

BOX JUMP (pick a height and jump as high as you possibly can – so you have to bend as little as possible to catch yourself)

STANDING WALLBALL (throw straight up from a racked position, do NOT catch the ball, let it drop – if you’re going higher than the yellow line, take a seat on a box and try to do the same thing)

ROW (these should be power strokes, so maybe only 5-6 good pulls in a minute) Review good rowing form here.

REST (SUPER powerful rest)


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