Friday, 5/13/11

12 May

Reuben in the dip of the muscle-up. If you're not training to dip low, you'll have to. Your first muscle-up is typically accompanied by a really deep dip. Be ready for it! Sammy's goal for all of you is to muscle-up all the pull-upers by the end of the summer!

Self Myofascial Release of the Day: Lax Ball to Pecs and Traps, til 5 minutes into class as needed.

Mobility Workout of the Day: Band Assisted Spiderman to Partial Extension, 2 minutes each side. Check out the full vid.

Warmup of the Day: Practice Double Unders, 5 minutes. Whenever you need a break from practicing, complete 10 good mornings and 10 glute bridges.

Strength: Conventional Deadlift, 10 minutes up to a peak of 2. Do not “bounce” the rep. Focus almost explicitly on your speed off the floor. Don’t shy away from working up to something like 75% of your max and only working speed from the floor with the same weight for a few sets. Drop from the top.

Metcon: 5 Rounds for time of: 7 Deadlifts (225/155), 21 Double Unders (sub 75 singles if no double unders or 21 attempts)

Wanna know more about the deadlift? Read it from Dave Tate, an expert, and a guy who’s not really built to be good at it.

Don’t forget to sign up for yoga at 10am this Sunday and/or our free 12pm session outside!  Stay tuned to the blog for details!


4 Responses to “Friday, 5/13/11”

  1. Greg May 12, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    I’m Gunna side with rip on shoulders behind bar, blades above.

    Head neutral along with most physios.


    Ps I like tate.

    • crossfitcentercity May 12, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

      Thanks for the input, Grog. Agreed on that point for sure… but muting the retraction of the shoulder blades is definitely a good point that I’ve seen Rip make before a la a video I believe you directed me too. I like that Tate’s perspective in the article seems pretty fresh to me – some stuff in there I had not thought too much about before.

      • grog May 13, 2011 at 1:29 am #

        Yeah I have never/would never recommend scap retraction for a dead.

        Drawbacks way outweigh the benefits, much better to use rowing and pullup variations for retraction/depression of the scapulae.

        I strongly disagree with pulling from a point where the middle of the shoulderblades are behind the bar (squat-tish as tate is describing) because the hips tend to shoot up first and pull you out of position. Unless you’re too big to get in position in the first place. Bodies are machines and there is a *correct* position, IMO.


  2. jpap May 13, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    tf you talkin about

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