Wednesday, 5/4/11

3 May

The Running Class at 530pm today (Wednesday) will be meeting at the gym but going over to Washington Square Park. Please plan accordingly!

PRE-WOD STATIC STRETCH: Upper trap stretch, 60s each side.

WARMUP: 3 rounds of 10 reps: 10 cat camels, 10 curlups, 10 lat pulls each side, 10 arm circles backward, 10 heel pressdowns, 10 squats.


AMRAP 20m:

5 forward rolls
5 inverted burpees
10 hollow rocks
10 pullups

*Turn around after each forward roll, rather than rolling across the room.


We will run to Washington Square park again!  We will be meeting and warming up at the gym.  Bring your stopwatch!

Wod: 10 x 200m with 5 times the recovery (if it takes 40 seconds to run the 200m then you recover 3:20)


2 Responses to “Wednesday, 5/4/11”

  1. Patti May 4, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    This WOD was a lot of fun. I REALLY like inverted burpees! Didn’t look very pretty, but they were fun. 🙂

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