Saturday, 4/30/11. WoD.

29 Apr

PLEASE NOTE! The final WoD for the Crossfit Games Sectionals open will be coached by Greg at 10am.  NOT AT 2pm!


SMRoD:  Lax ball to bottom of the feet.  2m each side.

Mobility Circuit of the Day:  3 rounds:  8 cat camels, 8 reverse lunges with twist (dynamic hip flexor stretch), 8 arm circles each way, 8 wallball slams, 8 squats.

Metcon: “Kelly”

5 rounds for time

Run 400m

30 box jumps, 24″/20″

30 wallball shots

CFE WoD (Taught by Liz at 10am):

CFE Warm-up: push-ups, spiderman steps, walking downward dog, inchworm to squat
Drills: figure 4, falling, cadence
Wod:  3x1mile Repeats hold within 5-10sec, Rest 1-3min Between Repeats
Kettlebells (Taught by Jay at 11am):
jogging warmup (weather permitting)
goblet squat x 10
wall squat x 10
jump squat x 10
hand release pushup x 10
work up to peak set of 2/3.  DO NOT HIT FAILURE.
2 short loops, then:
5 rounds:
1 min tempo snatch/clean
1 min fast snatch/swing
1 min max pullups (strict if possible, kipping is ok)
1 min burpees
30 seconds rack hold each side
then, 2 short loops.
Gymnastics (Taught by Sammy at noon):

Kinesthetic Awareness:

Rolls: Tuck, Straddle, Pike-Forward, Backwards

Inverted Hang


Reps for Time:

5 skin-the-cats

25 roll jumps

5 skin-the-cats

20 roll jumps

5 skin-the cats

15 roll jumps

5 skin-the-cats

10 roll jumps

5 skin-the-cats

5 roll jumps


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