Friday, 4/29/11. WoD.

28 Apr


SMRoD:  While supine, place a lacrosse ball under the traps and move the arm into various positions (overhead, across body, by side).  Spend 2 minutes on each side.

PreWoD Stretch:  upper trap stretch (hand behind lower back, other behind head, pulling down).  1m on each side.

Dynamic Mobility Circuit:  3 rounds:  8 cat camels, 8 leg swings, 8 lat pulls, 8 scapulae pushups, 8 pec rolls, 8 glute bridges.

Metabolic Conditioning:  “Dianne”

21-15-9 reps of:

Deadlifts (conventional, 225/155lbs)

Handstand Push-ups

*This is another benchmark workout.  Form and safety come first, but if at all possible, aim to finish this workout as prescribed.

**63-45-27 second handstand holds are recommended as a sub for today’s HSPU.


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