Wednesday, 4/20/11. Workout of the Day. Running shoes!

19 Apr

One of this years current leaders, Pat Barber, performing pull-ups at the 2008 CrossFit Games.


SMR for the Day: Lacrosse ball to upper traps while supine.  2 minutes for each side.  Flex and extend at the shoulder.

Skill Work:  Kipping Pull-up



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

400m run
Max rep pull-ups

*Your pull-up set terminates when you come down from the bar (to either the floor or a box).  Keep track of your number of rounds, and number of reps each round, but this will be scored on the board as total number of pull-ups completed in 20 minutes.

The run is the short loop, past the door, left on Chancellor, turn around at parking lot halfway up the block (LOT, NOT GARAGE), run back to 13th, take a right, and come right back to your pull-up bar.

Post wod static stretch: Weighted pronated grip static hang (bottom of pullup) with 1 pood kb for men, bodyweight for women.  Try to relax your lats and really let your head through your arms.   Hold for as long as possible, and perform additional sets until you get at least 60 seconds of “hang time”.

CrossFit Endurance, taught by Liz at 5:30pm.  Bring a stopwatch!:

CFE warm-ups: Push-ups, spiderman steps, squat to stand, leg swings, arm swings.
Skill work: Figure 4 review, Figure 4 drills, falling drills, pacing drills

4x400m run
*Rest the time it took you to run the 400

One Response to “Wednesday, 4/20/11. Workout of the Day. Running shoes!”

  1. jpap April 19, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    This will be fun.

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