Monday, 4/11/2011. Workout of the Day.

10 Apr

Lots of updates on the CFCC BCCC done today





SMR of the day: Lax ball to calves and peroneals, 1m per side.
Activation: Band resisted sprints, 5-7 sets of 10s.  Focus on foot speed and technique.
Power: Clean. Peak set of 3 reps.

5 rounds for time:

10 wallballs

20 double unders ( sub=3 to 1 singles)

*ten minute cap
Conditioning Bias: AMRAP 15m 6 powercleans at 135/95lbs, 12 wallballs, 18 double unders.
Strength Bias (instead of metcon): 3×5 front squats at peak set of 3.  2 sets of single leg squats for max reps on each leg.


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