Wednesday, 4/6/11. Workout of the Day.

5 Apr

Announcements: Thursdays 5:30pm session will be replaced by a nutrition seminar regarding CFCC BCCC for Spring 2011.  This weeks sectionals WOD for the CrossFit games has been announced.  See for details.  There will be a weekly athletes meeting at 7:30pm today, Wednesday.  Athletes will be able to make an attempt on the WoD during that hour, as well as review the squat clean and jerk.

 SMR of the Day:

1. Foam roll your adductors (inner thigh area).  Spend at least one minute on each leg.

2.  Follow up with a healthy dose of adductor mobilizations.


She's not power cleaning. But hey.


Posture and Stability:  Single Leg Squat, 60s on each leg.

*Rest for 5 seconds at a time, as frequently as needed to ensure as structurally sound posture as possible.  Strive to increase range of motion and lengths of holds if you can maintin the following posture:

1) Your bodyweight on your midfoot, with toes pointed straight ahead. 2) Some bend in the knee, with knee pointing straight ahead.  3)  Hinge at the hip, equal or greater to the amount of depth achieved from bending the knee.  4)  Neutral lordotic curve at the lumbar spine (slight arch in the lower back).  5)  Thoracic extension with slight scapular retraction/depression (“chest up” and shoulderblades “back/down”).  6)  Neutral cervical posture (chin tucked, face straight ahead).

Neural Activation: Box jumps for height, peak set of 1 repetition.  5 minute time limit.

Power:  Hang power clean, Peak set of 1 repetition.

Metabolic Conditioning:

As many reps as possible in 5 minutes:

Power Clean, 165/110lbs

*You should score at least 20 reps on this workout.   Scale as needed.  Dropping from the top of the rep is recommended.


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