Thursday, 3/31/11. CFCC WOD, Gymnastics WOD, and announcements.

30 Mar

3/31/11 Scores

Posture and Stability:
Handstand holds, 90s.
*10s rest when needed.
Single arm press, peak set of 2 repetitions.

Metabolic Conditioning:

7 rounds for time:

7 barbell push presses, 95/65lbs.

7 burpees

Gymnastics WOD (7:30pm)

Kinesthetic Awareness:

Inverted Hang


Muscle Ups


3 Rounds for Time:

15 Ring Pushups

20 Knees to Elbows


Announcements and Info

    1. The gym will be open tonight after the 6:30 sessions for anyone wishing to complete this weeks sectionals workout. You will be in charge of judging each other. Some of us will definitely be doing the workout on Friday as well (probably Friday night, stay tuned). As nice as it would be to have a normal schedule for it this week, the South Philly Rumble on Sunday makes things a lot more interesting. 

    2. Sunday classes are CANCELED! Come cheer at 11th and fitzwater…Relentless Fitness/Crossfit South Philly.

    3. My personal week (Grog) looks like this:

    Sunday: first sectionals wod (low cal)
    Monday: cfcc wod (low cal)
    Tuesday: cfcc wod, sectionals workout was released (low cal)
    Wednesday: grease the groove for pushups, 6 reps every 30-60m throughout the day. Rest otherwise. (VERY high calories)
    Thursday: grease the groove for pushups for first half of day. Eccentricless and low intensity version of the sectionals workout at night. Will probably be 3/5/7 reps for 15m. Dropped deadlifts, band assisted pushups, box jumps stepped down. “Conversational” pace. (very high calories and to bed early).
    Friday: rest until sectionals wod attempt at night. (normal cals).
    Saturday: rest for Sunday, possible neural charge workout if I feel drained from Friday. (Higher carb and calories).
    Sunday: balanced macronutrient breakfast (first wod is strength). Dried fruit, coconut water, bcaas and some pork loin throughout day.

    4. Check out the rumble detailsĀ here.


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